Eatonville's Councilman Celebrates Re-Election to Council and Campaign Kick-off For Orange County Commission - IN MAITLAND, SEMINOLE COUNTY!

Alvin Moore continues to defy logic, by steadfastly ignoring residents in the Town of Eatonville, where he is suppose to "serve," as well as the residents of Orange County District 2, where he is seeking to serve.

A number of writings have come out regarding Alvin's antics as an absentee councilman, who cares more about rubbing shoulders with other politicians than serving constituents, and he has provided yet  another case-in-point:  Last night, instead
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of celebrating his re-election  to the Town Council of historic Eatonville with residents of his town surrounding and cheering him, he was celebrating with politicians in the wrong city - Maitland, Florida. Instead of kick-off his campaign in Orange County District to with friends and voters, you guessed it Alvin was persona non grata - electing instead to kick-off in Seminole County surrounded by politician. 

Moore has even started drawing criticism on social media where someone posted on The DonMiller Show "he NEVER does call back." Questions are also starting to arise about who is supporting Moore and why, when he clearly has struggled as a leader and has no significantly accomplishments in Eatonville as a councilman or former head of the Town's Community Redevelopment Agency, which was fined by the Florida Department of Revenue.

In watching all of the candidates in the Orange County District 2 race there has been only one candidate working in and serving the community now, Greg Jackson. This past few months we saw Greg Jackson host a healthcare enrollment forum, host a volunteer appreciation party, support Orange County Principals at an Appreciation Breakfast, conduct a one-hour "Ask-A-Lawyer" session for business owners, and tonight he was just  featured speaker at a Rights Restoration Forum - all to serve Orange County residents he is seeking to serve. Those supporting Moore should be concerned with his inability to overcome the longstanding criticism of him, that he has no substance, especially since he continues to ignore those he has sought (Eatonville), as well as those he is seeking (District 2) to serve.
By: Political Scoop A Subsidiary of The National Movement Association
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