Should Commissioner Daisy Lynum Pick and Train Her Own Replacement?

DaisyLynum2This is a comment taken from a social media site expressing an opinion about Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum.  This opinion is solely that of the writer, but over all, it seems to express and capture the general sentiments of most comment writers of that thread, of which there were many.


by Deb Miller
I worked with Commissioner Nap Ford. My ex (I underscore ex, not me) donated generously to Lynum's City Council campaign to become Commissioner. I, on the other hand always took issue with Lynum's comments that Ford failed to accomplish more for District 5 because Ford trusted the relationships he had established on the City Council regarding black residents.

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I must chuckle and shake my head to witness same ole same ole. Like you, I have serious issues with Lynum's endeavor to groom a replacement. Why? Lynum asserts she is interested in doing what is right for "these" poor people. I would think a woman of color would be more sensitive when referring to a group of people as "these" people.

Frankly, I have heard that language before when my (closet) rightLogo5 wing *then* husband use to poke fun at what he termed my "mother Theresa" efforts where the poor and disenfranchised in Orlando were concerned. Of course, I am not inside Lynum's head to understand her inclination to use the term, and choose to believe her intent is to describe the majority of her constituency who share a common culture. For me, the use of that term suggests Lynum perceives her constituency as ghetto rats who will not engage in the process rather than individuals who face poverty and discrimination in Orlando.

Fast forward to 2014 and homeownership in Lynum's old stomping grounds remains low. Many of her constituency remain illiterate and STILL live in poverty. Crime remains a concern, so how does this qualify Lynum to groom anyone to effect what Lynum calls sustainable change? I will leave that one alone, for the moment. Suffice; you took the words right out of my mouth,ComTax Lgo200X51 arrogant.

Bottom line, Lynum has forgotten where she comes from. How can she feel a homeless shelter would stymie private investment? Give me an opportunity to flip one of those undeveloped properties in her district. Lynum lacks creativity and vision IMHO.

What did Lynum do with the millions for District 5? It appears to me Lynum has totally forgotten the breaks afforded her to get where she is professionally. Perhaps the good life has gotten the best of her. From my perspective, hand Lynum's constituents grants to study and jobs so they can live off (how did Lynum put it) anything.

Lynum should be working tirelessly to create similar opportunities for her constituents that others made possible for her so HER CONSTITUENTS NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY AGAIN. Lynum does not appear to understand the constituents she represents do not have the same opportunities she has at her disposal, like calling the police chief at home when child has a run in with the police.

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