What Goals Have You Achieved This Year?

Linda Hayleswritten by Linda Hayles
September of 2012, I said, "It would be great if I could get me and the kids to Texas". I was living in Orlando, FL. January of this year, 2013 I decided to move my family to Texas. I had just started Les Mills Pump and I just wanted to lose "some weight". I needed to buy a car, too.

I wanted a job with a better schedule where I had weekends off. Even though I had a bachelors degree, having a GED... I dreamt of getting accepted at a major university to do my Masters degree. I had hopes of pursuing a romantic relationship that was real but felt like a fairy tale and had expectations for such.

In April of this year, 6 months ago, I moved to Texas and bought a car. : ) In May, I brought my kids here. 5 weeks later I got a better job with weekends off. At that same time I was accepted to Houston Baptist University to their Masters of Psychology program. The man that I imagined was HERE and we have a great relationship. Oh! He helped me find a car at a an AWESOME price. : )). He's helped me do many other things, too. And I've gone from a size 12 to a size 8 since May, as well. I achieved every goal I set out to do this year. God is awesome!

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I'm not boasting but I want to tell you that 3 years ago I made some choices. I started making goal posters. I began using Facebook for accountability. And basically stopped ALL BS.

It's November and now I'm available to do speaking engagements and take on new clients in the Houston area and Nationwide. Why? Because December of 2014 I will be working for myself, pursuing my calling and being happy.

What have you achieved this year? It is my prayer that you fulfill your purpose for your life and experience joy. It's awesome! You can do ANYTHING!

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