A Veteran's Day Thought

veterans daywritten by Earl L. Small
Thought For Today. Veteran's Day is a time when all of us who have served in the military can wear our colors and be proud of what we were no matter where, or when we were in, or what our job was.

Each of us were a part of a whole and were important. The best single thing of all is that we are a part of a select group of people: A Band of Brothers & Sisters that are forever bound together.

Veterans Day is one of the most significant and memorable days of the year. It causes me to pause and reflect on my own service time, my buddies whom I miss all the time, my family's collection of Veterans, and thanking all those who have ever served to protect this country.

Veterans day this year is even more significant when we have young men and women on the line fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and other remote regions of the world. An entire new generation of Veterans is coming up through the hard fought wages of war. Veterans day to them will mean as much if not more than it does to us. Their world, their time, their wars are truly global in nature.

God bless them all. God bless all who have served and shall serve in the future.

HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all my past & present day Vets!

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