Posted on July 16, 2013    

Attorney taleph Haynes Davis says boycott Florida if you want to.(Warning, some graphic language)
Okay I have had enough of this “boycotting Florida” idea.  The fact of the matter is that when you boycott Florida, and assuming that it is successful, you have the potential to hurt the economy of the black-American community (and others) that you allegedly are trying to “help out” or “empathize with” or relate to by suggesting an economic boycott as a result of the Zimmerman verdict.  You are entitled to your opinions and your freedoms of where you want to spend your money and where you want to spend your time on this earth.  However, although I will  fight for your 1st amendment freedoms to say what you want (because that is what I do as a freedom loving individual and lover of the constitution of this country), let me say also that advocating for those freedoms also includes advocating for your freedoms to utter things that are absolutely ridiculous.

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Evelyn BethuneAs tragic as the Trayvon Martin case is, it is one in a long line of injustices perpetrated on the African American Community. We, America, is sliding back into the dark ages when it was ok for a white person to kill a black person for any reason.

I should not have to live in terror of my grandson being out of my sight to go to work or to college because I know he could be shot to death because he is young black male.

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Absence Of Hostility Between The Races Is Not The Same As Peace

JerryGirleyI'm hearing a lot of talk about the need for peace. I am all for that. I love peace and prefer it to confrontation any day. That said, I am mindful of what Dr. King said about peace when his detractors criticized him for encouraging African Americans in the south to rise up and protest against racial oppression. He said the absence of open hostility between the races is not the same thing as peace. He further stated that the absence of justice coupled with the absence of open hostility is nothing more than a negative peace. Negative peace is fragile and it is deceiving.

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Why Was My Existence So Minor?

Trayvon Martin InStoreWhy was my existence seen as
so minor and the absence of my
breathing so easily over looked

How can my life be made invisible
by a stranger who predetermined my
value and decide I no longer need to
share his world

Why did no one hear my cries and run
to my aid; but were so prepared to
 believe the fiction of my executioner

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I Am Puerto Rican, I Am Trayvon Martin

Linda HaylesI've been reading my newsfeed and have seen both the outraged and the people who are OK with the Zimmerman trial verdict. I've read how satan is out to divide and destroy and this is true. I've read people say... "Hey, we weren't there. We can't judge".

I will share something very personal... My children are bi-racial. And when they were born I consciously and ON PURPOSE chose NON ETHNIC names for them. Why?

So I could give them as much head start as possible when it came time for someone to make a decision for them based on their name... Like their resume coming across someone's desk and whether or not someone would call them for an interview if their name was Evan or Tyrone. McKenzie or Tameka.

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